("Русская красавица" / "Russian Beauty").
Perfume set of flacons / bottles of Perfume, Eau de cologne and Box (Moscow, Soviet Union / USSR)


Name of the artist:

Design of the flacons / bottles and Gift Box by MARIYANA MEDNIK (1942 - 2016)


The concept:

Main idea of the set: the Russian beauty in a traditional Russian headdress the Kokoshnik

Konstantin Makovsky. "Russian Beauty in kokoshnik"



"Novaya Zarya" Perfume Factory (Soviet Union, USSR)


Year of issue:

March 1988



Frosted Glass



• Perfume bottle: approx. 4" inches High (appox. 11.1 centimeters)
• Eau de cologne bottle: approx. 5" inches High (appox. 12.7 centimeters)


Description of the objects:

The Perfume set of Perfume bottle, Eau de cologne bottle and Gift Box (cardboard and brocade)

Description of all markings or signatures:

Marks in Russian (Cyrillic) on attached yellow foil label (from Top to Bottom):

  KRASAVITSA (It means: "Russian Beauty");

- DUKHI (It means: Perfume);

- GOST 17237-71 (It means: the State Standard # 17237-71);

- III 88 (It means: date of issue - March 1988)

  KRASAVITSA (It means: "Russian Beauty");

- ODEKOLON (It means: Eau de cologne);

- GOST 17237-71 (It means: the State Standard # 17237-71);

- III 88 (It means: date of issue - March 1988)

  "NOVAYA ZARYA" (It means: "Novaya Zarya" Perfume Factory);

- MOSKVA (It means: Moscow City);

- Gruppa EXTRA. TSENA 30 rub. (It means: Group EXTRA. Price 30 rubles);

- TU N16-60-76 (It means: Technical Condition # 16-60-76)


Additional information

The first Russian female astronaut VALENTINA TERESHKOVA chose it a perfumery set as a souvenir and gift at different International meetings.


Artist's Biography:

• Was born in Semipalatinsk (Soviet Union) in 1942. Since September 1942 lived in Moscow.
• 1960-1961 - Art School with the artist Gurvich.
• In 1968 graduated from faculty of applied art of the Moscow Textile institute majoring in "List of fabrics".
• From 1972 to 1989 worked as the Artist / Industrial Graphic in Art and Design Laboratory of Perfumery Factory "Novaya Zarya" ("New Dawn").
• Since 1994 - the member of the International Art Fund.
• Died in 2016
• Museums: Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow, Russia), Vologda Art Gallery (Russia), Private Collections

Source in Russian: http://artgallery.krasno.ru/IMAGES/Grafics/Mednik.htm

• Additional Package's Design of
- Eau de Colognes "V polyot", "Rodnoy motiv", "Magnoliya";
- Perfumes "Naedine", "Variatsiya", "Skertso", "Vsegda s toboy", "Grotesk", "Manon";
- Perfume Set "Cheburashka".

Source in Russian: http://www.pressarchive.ru/moskovskaya-pravda/1998/09/30/114987.html


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